The Center of New Power Engineering Technologies


The CNPET unites development and introduction enthusiasts of the Russian scientific and technical creatives, aspiring to realize these creatives with the best technical performance and economical effect.

We offer: The optimized technical and economic solution in power industry, being based on most advanced technologies and automation ways.

We are ready to perform: Full cycle or certain set of technical objects automation servaces:

  • Research works
  • Consultation
  • The new equipment development, manufacturing and delivery
  • Software development and installation
  • Start-up and adjustment works
  • Warranty service / support
  • Personnel training and retraining
  • Techniques, technologies and copyrights transfer

We recommend to apply: modern facilities and automation technologies

  • Electro - automatic computerized assisted design of electro - automatic devices;
  • Electro - equipment terminal processes computerized calculation, the analysis and dynamic simulation;
  • Mechanical characteristics of the equipment designs computerized calculations, the analysis and dynamic simulation;
  • Electro - technical systems and objects static and dynamic simulation;
  • Electro - technical systems and objects program simulation (physical imitation of the electrical parameters);
  • Signal processing digital methods and technologies, including the mathematical tool and algorithms of fuzzy logic and fuzzy control;
  • PCBoarbs design;

Our authoring's are protected by the law of the Russian Federation and can de used under our approval only!


Our products are applied:

  • In systems of monitoring and quality control of the electric power 
    ( systems of uninterrupted power supplest, systems for operating parameters and failures registration, system of the isolation resistance control and search for damaged places in cable lines, etc.)

  • In systems of protective automatics  
    (minor consumers switching - off, emergency unit start, switching - off circuit sites at the increased voltage or phase ruptures occasions, etc.)

  • In control systems of the electric drive
    ( soft start-up, gain-frequency control of rotation and rating)

Objects of our development are: electronic components and unit, modules, blocks or devices

  • Coordination input devices and a data input / output (signal of analog or discrete form);
  • Devices for digital processing of signal;
  • Devices of the data storage and archiving;
  • Devices of control and display (local and remote indication and the signal system);
  • Devices of data receiving - transmission by consecutive channels and power networks;
  • Static DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC, AC/AC converters and power unit (or their components);
  • Imitators and simulations;
  • Facilities for carrying out the adjustment and tests for complex electro - technical objects;

We offer the following forms of co - operation with customer and partners:

  • The contract for development (Scientific - engineering works, research and development, designing documentation release, etc. );
  • The contract for delivery (the equipment, software);
  • The contract on performance of commissioning works;
  • The contract on service (support or development);
  • The contract on technology transfer, personnel training;
  • The contract on transfer or copyright sharing.

Leading experts in certain areas of a science and technologies are involved in then projects carried out by CNPET. All works are performed, using the modern and advanced element base with use of most recent industry achievements.

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